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Independent mortgage advice for Turkey 

You find the property, We supply the finance!

Welcome to Turkish Mortgages PLUS

Turkish Mortgages PLUS, provides you with a mortgage service for buying that dream property in Turkey you have always wanted!


EXPERIENCE: Nobody completed more mortgages in Turkey than Turkish Mortgages PLUS. Experience matters in Turkey and no one is more experienced than Turkish Mortgages PLUS.


NO LANGUAGE BARRIERS: We employ Turkish and English speaking staff, which means no language problems.


EXPERT ADVICE: Turkish Mortgages PLUS employ UK Mortgage qualified advisors – we have essential experience in the Turkish and UK mortgage market


CHOICE:We give you the choice of the best rates and terms from European and Turkish Banks.



We contact the seller and your lawyer (if you have one) to obtain the legal documents required. We check the title deed to ensure it is fit for a mortgage. We check the habitation certificate to ensure it has been built to standard.



Is to save you money and time by checking your financial situation before you make any plans to ensure you qualify for the mortgage.

Our decision in principle service is FREE and we reply within 24 hours.


PEACE OF MIND: All these factors combine to mean that your mortgage application with TMP will go through as swiftly as possible. If there is a  problem  you’ll  be happy to know that we are on hand to help solve it.


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Our most popular product is designed to protect you from future interest rate rises whilst allowing you benefit from any falls.

Interest rates 4.05% with payments fixed for the term

Maximum term 20 years up to age 70 (75 by exception)

Maximum loan 70% of the bank’s valuation

Minimum loan €50,000

Bank fees 1.5% of the loan, minimum €1,500

Early redemption penalties None


Key features of this product

Monthly repayments stay the same throughout the term. If rates rise, then the term of the loan increases. If rates fall, the term of the loan is reduced.


Payment holidays. No payments for the first two months and five payment holidays can be taken over the term.


No redemption penalties apply if you wish to redeem the loan at any time. This means overpayments can be made as much as you can afford to.


Repayment table

The table below gives you example payments over 20 years in the currency of your choice.

Purchase price  




72,000 22,000 50,000 304
78,571 3,571 55,000 334
85,714 25,714 60,000 365
100,000 30,000 70,000 426
114,285 34,285 80,000 486
128,571 38,571 90,000 547
142,857 42,857 100,000 608
285,714 85,714 200,000 1,217
You can calculate your monthly payment by visiting our website on This is our most popular product for purchases. More products can be found on our website at


Equity release

If you purchased your property after 1999 (but not within the last 12 months), you can apply for equity release. Equity release is now possible up to 75% of the property’s valuation and is available to both employed and self-employed applicants.

Post Finance. For individuals who completed from their own resources in the last 12 months, a form of equity release labeled Post finance is available. Again the loan amount is restricted to 75% of the property’s valuation.


Key features

Below is a breakdown of the various products available for equity release and post finance.

Product type Termof initial rate  








Min loan  




Max loan  




Max term Early repayment charges
Tracker Term 4.95% £50,000 60% 20 years None
Fixed 12months 6.6% £25,000 75% 20 years 3% in12months nil after
Fixed Term 7.8% £25.000 70% 10 years 2% at anytime
Fixed Term 7.8% £25.000 60% 15 years 2% at anytime

Eligibility criteria for a Turkish Mortgage

Qualifying for a Turkish loan is complicated. We recommend you complete our application form online at We reply within 24 hours with our

assessment.  In general, you will qualify if you can say yes to the following:

If you are employed, you can provide, prove or meet:

o Three months bank statements;

o Three months’ pays lips and a P60 (if you pay tax);

o Your credit history is clean;

o Your income meets our affordability criteria.

If you are self-employed:

o Three months bank statements;

o Your credit history is clean;

o Your income meets our affordability criteria;

Two from the following three:

o Two year’s accounts;

o Two years tax returns;

o A letter from your accountant confirming your net profit for the last two years.


In general:

o  No older than 68;

o  Outgoings including the new Turkish mortgage do not exceed 50% of net income.

o  Income and expenditure can be seen on bank statements   (Including rental income);

o  In some cases – a 30% deposit can be proven by way of bank statements;

o  A national of a country that has reciprocal real estate agreement with Turkey.

Our experience allows for a simplified process in applying for a Turkish Mortgage.

By Visiting :-

We will calculate your affordability and give you a budge

Once you have found the property, send us the title deed (Tapu) if you would like us to confirm that it can be mortgaged. Before you sign any contracts or make any deposits, apply for the mortgage by sending the documents to your advisor, Once you have been formally approved, we will arrange for the survey. If the survey is satisfactory your mortgage offer will make its way to you!


Important points to note:

Military clearance is required by foreigners to purchase in Turkey. This can take up to 3 months so apply early! We can assist you with this.

Banks do not know who you are! So please don’t be offended if they ask you for further documents or information.

Currency fluctuations can affect you! If the purchase price and mortgage

are in different currencies, any fluctuations can affect the loan amount and monthly payments. Please ask us for an illustration of how this may affect you.


Appoint a lawyer or an independent survey! Our due diligence is limited to checking the title to ensure it can be mortgaged. Appointing a lawyer and an independent surveyor is the only way you can ensure the property is fit for



Fees and Charges

Fees and charges can vary from product to product and bank to bank. The only way to give you an accurate breakdown is to ask you to complete our application form online at


Our advice service is free and we will give you a mortgage illustration that is in plain English and without exception. Our illustration will give you information on bank charges, our fees, insurances, early redemption penalties and of course the monthly payments.


Other services

We try to provide a one stop service for your Turkish property needs. We can provide the following additional services:

  • · Independent surveys;
  • · Referral to an independent solicitor;
  • · Power of attorney – advice and preparation;
  • · Insurance;
  • · Turkish Wills.


Visit our Website

Our Website contains comprehensive information on our products and Services. You can find information on rates, eligibility, affordability, FAQs and much more.

Contact us For more information, any questions and general advice:

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